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How much does delivery cost?


We deliver orders within Poland by courier in the option of prepayment by payment card or cash on delivery. In both cases, the delivery cost is PLN 15. The delivery time for goods in stock is 2-3 business days. In the case of goods imported from the manufacturer, the customer will be additionally informed about the delivery date. 


Other countries - delivery cost and time to be individually confirmed.

IMPORTANT: Deliveries to Great Britain are currently suspended until formalities related to customs clearance processes for goods imported from the EU are clarified.

What hours do you deliver parcels?


GLS couriers deliver parcels on working days, usually between 9:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. It all depends on where the courier will deliver the parcel. If possible, provide the delivery address, for example, the company where you work. In case of your absence, the courier will leave a notice and telephone number. Just call him and arrange a convenient delivery day.


Will the GLS courier call me before delivery?


When couriers see a private delivery address, they usually call the recipient and want to arrange a convenient time for parcel delivery. However, we cannot guarantee this - the GLS courier is not obliged to call.

How quickly do you ship orders?

The time it takes for the ordered products to reach the Customer includes the time it takes to bring the goods if they are not in stock and the time it takes the courier company to deliver the shipment to the address indicated by the Customer, but only business days are taken into account here.

  • date of receipt of the shipment = time of bringing the goods (if the goods are not in the Store's warehouse) + delivery time

  • on the day the order is shipped, the Consumer is informed about the shipment by e-mail.

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