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regardless of breast size

Bra Tape works on any breast size and consistency!

It is strong enough to support even the largest breasts and flexible enough for you to function freely in it.

Bra Tape is available in two widths,Bra Tape standard 5 cm andBra Tape Max 10 cm, so that you can best adjust its width to the size of your breasts and the requirements of the outfit. 

Thanks to Bra Tape, every bust, no matter how old you are, looks fuller, more lifted and firmer. 

Why Bra Tape?

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It will work on any breast size and consistency.

Extends to 170%.

It works similarly to human skin, so it does not restrict movement.


It contains 95% cotton, which is thinner and more delicate than the cotton used in kinesio taping tapes.

Roll 5 m.

Depending on the size of the breasts, on average from a few to a dozen applications are enough.

Hypoallergenic and safe.

Gentle to the skin, latex-free. It is completely safe, has the status of a medical device and has the CE, TUV Rheinland mark.

Strong adhesive coating.

It holds breasts of any size stably and does not come off during use

Moisture resistant.

Neither sweat nor water scares her. Can be used on warm days.

Easy to remove.

Follow our tips from the Tape Removal tab and you will download Bra Tape painlessly.

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