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Bra Tape Application Directions

Breast modeling techniques

Special occasions such as weddings and parties, are connected with the eternal problem - what to wear to safely integrate the bust into the outfit. The dilemma can range from obvious necklines to backless dresses, ultra-thin jewelry straps, deep V-necklines, T-necklines, X-necklines... Designers mercilessly present us with newer and more fanciful ideas, which, however, are too 'difficult' because the bust regardless of its condition and size, it can be quite "lively" and usually does not want to cooperate with such creatures.

He comes to the rescue of our fashion imaginationBra Tape. Tan original, high-quality product for lifting breasts of any size, at any age and for any budget, thanks to which you can sculpt your cleavage as you wish. The product is not only brilliant, but also extremely effective.  


Especially for you, the founder of the Bra Tape brand, Iza Sakutova, has prepared as many as ten instructional videos, thanks to which you can freely shape and effectively protect your breasts under any outfit. 

Just remember to read our tape application tips before applying it. Thanks to them, you will enjoy a perfectly shaped neckline, without feeling any discomfort, pain or skin irritation.

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