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Painless tape removal

Bra Tape WORKS MIRACLES when used properly. Improper application or removal may irritate the skin and even cause sores and blisters. Remember that Bra Tape sticks really strongly to the body - for your safety, carefully follow our instructions for applying and removing the tape. 



To remove Bra Tape painlessly, saturate it generously with our vegan soaptape removal oil. Its advanced formula, based on coconut oil and cocoa butter, not only dissolves the glue, but also moisturizes, regenerates and cares for the delicate skin of the breasts and their surroundings.


1.Don't tear off the tape.Rub it with plenty of oil so that it is all wet. 

2.Leave the oil on the tape for 15 minutes. The oil will dissolve the glue and the tape will start to come off the skin on its own. 

3.Remove the tape slowly peeling the body from it with your fingertips - not the other way around. If the tape still holds, use more oil and wait a few minutes before trying to gently remove the tape again. 


4.Don't use the "rip off the band-aid" method. Even if you're tempted to tear the tape off quickly like a band-aid, never do it. This can cause serious skin damage, which is most often caused by using excessive force when removing the tape. The tape is best removed with slow movements and with previous useBra Tape removal oil, which dissolves the glue. 

Discover vegan Bra Tape oil and enjoy unrivaled comfort and painless tape removal.

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