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Promotion Rules

Promotion regulations  "Black Week" in the store

  1. These regulations specify the terms and conditions under which the promotion under the name takes place
    "Black Week".

  2. The organizer of the Promotion is So Chic Sp. z o. o. based in Malbork (code: 82-200), address: Głowackiego 2/7, entered into the register of entrepreneurs of the National Court Register under KRS number 0000701786, NIP 579-226-41-24, The promotion is conducted via the store ( hereinafter also: "Store").

  3. The promotion starts on November 20, 2023 at 10:00 a.m. and lasts until November 27, 2023 at 6:00 p.m., for products covered by the promotion and/or while stocks of products covered by the promotion last. The promotion lasts in the online store.

  4. The Customer may use the Promotion multiple times during its validity period.

  5. The promotion consists in granting the customer a discount of up to 50% on a product from the range of products covered by the promotion.

  6. As part of the promotion, a discount is granted for a product from the range of products covered by the promotion.

  7. The promotion applies to products at full price.

  8. The promotion does not apply to discounted products.

  9. The discount is documented by a receipt showing the price of this product discounted by up to 50%.

  10. The discount value cannot be paid in cash.

  11. Products selected for promotion are clearly marked.

  12. Due to the seasonality of the products covered by this promotion, the number of promotional products may change, and their unavailability in a specific size or color does not constitute a violation of the rules of this promotion.

  13. The promotion cannot be combined with other offers.

  14. The Organizer is not responsible for incorrect use of the Promotion.

  15. Participation in the promotion means acceptance of the promotion rules contained in these Regulations and acceptance of the rules of the Store's regulations.

  16. Any complaints regarding the Promotion may be submitted, in particular, electronically to the e-mail In order to speed up the processing of the complaint, please provide a description of the reasons justifying the complaint. Complaints will be considered within 14 days from the date of their receipt by the Promotion organizer. The complaint procedure adopted by the Promotion organizer does not in any way violate the rights granted to the Promotion participant under generally applicable law, including the possibility of pursuing claims through court proceedings.

  17. The Promotion Organizer reserves the right to change the Regulations in the event of an important reason, understood as:

    • change in legal provisions regulating the principles and organization of the Promotion, affecting the mutual rights and obligations of the organizer and participants of the Promotion;

    • extending or shortening the validity period of the Promotion;

    • change in the method of conducting the Promotion due to technical or technological reasons.

  18. In the event of a change to the Regulations, the Organizer will make the consolidated text of the Regulations available by publishing it in the Store.

  19. Generally applicable provisions of Polish law will apply to all matters not regulated in these Regulations.

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