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The Bra Tape breast massage brush is made of natural, delicate horse hair, perfect for the sensitive skin of the breasts and their surrounding areas. It does not cause skin irritation or discomfort during use.


What is worth noting is that horsehair is obtained during the regular process of shearing horses, and the animals do not suffer any harm in the process.


The brush not only provides a firming massage and exfoliation of dead skin, but also a comfortable feeling when using it.


The ergonomic handle made of wood increases the comfort of use.


Instructions for use


Perform a light dry massage before showering or bathing.


Breast massage

When massaging with a brush, always start from the left side of the body. Make semicircles with gentle movements, moving from the armpit, through the lower part of the breast, up, clockwise. Repeat this action about 5-10 times on each breast.


Neckline massage

Using large circles, gently move the brush outwards from your collarbone and then move it from the back of your arms towards your breasts. Perform 10 such movements.


Neck massage

Make 10 gentle up and down movements. Remember not to push too hard so that you can get pleasure with a relaxing massage.

You can massage your breasts and their surroundings with a brush even every day.


Beneficial action


Dry brushing is one of the most effective and cost-effective methods for improving the condition of the body. It acts as a detox for the skin. It improves microcirculation, stimulates lymph flow and removes toxins from the body.


Brushing allows for a quick and effective massage, improving the firmness and elasticity of the breast, cleavage and neck skin, tightening and smoothing its surface. It helps strengthen collagen fibers and elastin, which translates into increased skin elasticity and counteracts the signs of aging.


After brushing, the skin of the bust, cleavage and neck becomes as smooth as silk, firm and ready to better absorb nutrients contained in skin moisturizing products. We recommend using itvegan Bra Tape oil.


Breast massage using a special brush is also an excellent way to care for the skin during pregnancy and lactation - it supports the natural process of skin firming and reduces the risk of food stasis. However, pregnant and breastfeeding mothers should remember to avoid nipples when brushing their breasts.


The brush can also be used for facial massage due to its tightening and smoothing effect.


Lowest price in the last 30 days: PLN 35.99

Breast massage brush

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