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Self-adhesive, transparent, double-sided tapes for clothes and body ensure a smooth fit and hold in the right place of styles, such as flared necklines or flared button-down shirts. They enable better adhesion and perfect arrangement of clothes to the figure, they can be used to stick the body to clothes or connect two elements of clothing. Made of medical silicone, they are safe for the skin, do not cause irritation and do not leave marks on clothes.

These tapes are a perfect complement to breast taping, providing not only an aesthetic appearance, but also a sense of comfort and certainty that the deep neckline will not show more than you would like.


Instructions for use


  1. Cleanse and dry your skin.
  2. Do not use creams or oils on it.
  3. Peel one side of the tape from the protective foil.
  4. Place the removed part of the tape on your body or clothing.
  5. Press the tape.
  6. Remove the protective film from the other side of the tape and stick it to your body or clothes.
  7. To remove, pry the end of the tape and pull gently.
  8. Cleanse your skin with warm water and soap.
  9. Conduct an allergy test before use.


Quantity: 36 pieces.

Size: 12 x 85 mm.

100% hypoallergenic latex-free glue.

Ingredients: TPU (thermoplastic polyureton).


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Styling tape

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